Webinar: The use of rapeseed cake in dairy nutrition (December 13 2017)

22 November 2017

When: Wednesday 13th December at 13:00 – 14:00 UK time (14:00 – 15:00 CET)

What to expect: rapeseed cake is a by-product of biofuel production from rapeseed. The LIFE SEEDCAPITAL project looked at using rapeseed cake in dairy cows diets to reduce feed costs and carbon footprint. The project focused on how 100% of the rapeseed can be used on farm in diets and as biofuel for farm machinery.

Join Dr Aser Garcia for this webinar focusing on the outcomes. He will discuss how formulating 20% of cold pressed rapeseed cake for dairy cows results in a reduction in production costs, obtains a healthier profile of fatty acids in milk and reduce enteric emissions by 8% without negatively affecting milk yield or quality.

Biography: after graduating from the University of Navarre with a Master degree in agricultural engineering Dr Aser Garcia has spent 16 years at Neiker-Tecnalia a Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development. His research interests are in feedstuff, dairy nutrition and production. He is the project leader for LIFE SEEDCAPITAL: Integral use of oilseeds to reduce greenhouse gases emissions associated with farming activities. Aser has a wide experience in agricultural and environmental science.

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