Operational Group

Free walk barns 2.0

Operational Group

Free walk barns 2.0

Start Date: 01 January 2012

End Date: 01 April 2018

Location: Netherlands


A so-called free walk barn for dairy cows is characterized by no cubicles, an alternative floor instead of concrete and more square meters per cow for lying and moving. Participating dairy farmers in this group want to further improve this innovative system, especially regarding the organic bedding materials and management. Animal health, especially claws, udder health and fertility are monitored as the main objective is to increase longevity (how long a cow stays in the herd).




In Dutch bram@idv-advies.nl or in English: koops@zuivelnl.org

15 dairy farmers in cooperation with a supplier of roof material and research. Executed by IDV-advisory.

Funding Organisations:
National government and participating farmers.

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