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EuroDairy is a growing knowledge network to enhance the competitiveness of dairy farming across Europe. From within the network new insights and great ideas get shared and distributed to a wide audience. Farmers, experts, scientists, professionals and journalists interact with eachother on thematic topics like animal care, biodiversity, socio-economic resilience and resource efficiency.

In general once per month EuroDairy hosts a webinar to open up the wisdom of the crowds and share new knowledge with the wider world. This schedule shows all upcoming webinars and embeds video materials and presentations from previous ones!

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Previous Webinars – Live recordings

July 31 2018
Managing heat stress in dairy cattle

June 28 2018
Arla’s experience with carbon assessments on dairy farms (resource efficiency)

June 27 2018
Assessing biodiversity on dairy farms: the Biotex tool  (video) (biodiversity)

June 25 2018

The Carbon Footprint of milk and the Life Carbon Dairy Project (resource efficiency)

May 17 2018

Increasing economic resilience in pasture based dairy systems (socio-economics)

April 30 2018

Quantifying the nutriënt performance of a dairy farm – the ANCA tool (resource efficiecncy)

April 18 2018

Robust and resilient dairy systems (socio-economics)

April 3 2018
“Limiter les antibiotiques, c’est possible!” (animal care)

March 12 2018

The potential of secondary legumes and multispecies mixtures in forage production in North-West Europe (Resource efficiency)

January 31, 2018
The main principles surrounding management for biodiversity (biodiversity)

January 18, 2018 (18.00-19.00h CET)
Re-introduction grazing dairy cows mixed farm Northern Germany (resource efficiency)

December 13 2017
The use of rapeseed cake in dairy nutriton (resource efficiency)

December 11 2017
How to minimise silage losses this winter? (resource efficiency)

29th of August 2017
Reducing pressures on the food – a key to reducing lameness  (animal care)

21th of June 2017
Dry cow treatment (animal care)

14th of June 2017
Lean Farm Management (socio-economics)

23th of May 2017
Measurement tool resource efficiency (resource efficiency)

21th of March 2017
Financial management (socio-economics)

4th of May 2017
Opportunities and challenges in calf housing and management for the next decade

14th of February 2017
Compost bedded pack farms (animal care)
+ Presentation Jeffrey Brewley (PDF)
+ Presentation Joseph Taraba (PDF)

24th of January 2017
Hoof health management (animal care)

17th of January 2017
Compact TMR (resource efficiency)
+ Presentation Niels Kristensen  (PDF)