30 January 2017

EuroDairy network grows in Poland

In January 19 2017 on the Warsaw University of Life Sciences ( SGGW ) prof. Piort Stypinski from Agronomy Department and a member of the EuroDairy Consortium organised together with the Polish Grassland Federation and Polish Agronomy Society the seminar about the main proposals and task of EuroDairy and he presented lecture about the assumptions […]

5 January 2017

17/1 (13h): Webinar on ‘Compact TMR for improved feed efficiency’ (free)

Compact TMR is a mixing and feeding concept that targets nutrition and behavior of dairy cows with the aim to simultaneously benefit productivity, efficiency and health. With Compact TMR all cows in a feeding group shall have unlimited access to a feed mix that cannot be sorted. On the webinar Niels Bastian Kristensen (SEGES Livestock […]

3 January 2017

Do it yourself: Mastitis Treatment Protocols

Mastitis treatment protocols more than answer what antibiotic to use, how often to use it and at what volume. Mastitis control programs need a comprehensive plan, everything from cow identification, defining clinical cases, reviewing complete milking procedures, training milk technicians, testing milking equipment, sampling bulk milk, recording treatment, and following milk withholding times. Treatment protocols […]

17 October 2016

The German situation after 1 year post quota era

The situation in Germany after a year without quotas, the price of raw milk has tanked even further. This ongoing milk crisis is depriving dairy farmers of their livelihood. Loss in value creation of over 6 billion euros in Germany alone shows that there is an acute need for remedial action. Real crisis In January, […]

17 October 2016

French milk producers: ‘join us; together we’re stronger!’

Since 2009, crises have become a recurring feature. This was caused by production increase through the so called “soft landing”: The European Commission has increased milk quotas without concern for market situation and market outlook – so the quota system didn’t work any longer. As a result the milk market has experienced a substantial fall […]