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16 January 2018

Tools welfare assessments for farmers (mobility, swellings, body condtion, hair losses, cleanliness)

EuroDairy UK partner AHDB UK made a number of welfare assessment tools for farmers to use as part of their management. You can find these tools, like score cards on swelling, hair loss and lesions, cleanliness and body condition at their website: Welfare outcome assessment is a practical and scientifically informed way of assessing and […]

22 December 2017

Vet Neil Chesterton about reducing lameness in cows

Renowned New Zealand vet Neil Chesterton recently completed ten engaging AHDB meetings across Great Britain about reducing lameness in cows. With the emphasis on people creating a relaxed environment, Neil used real examples, photos and videos to show where problems may arise and how to deal with them. Watch a short capturing of his GB-tour […]

22 December 2017

Webinar: Re-introduction of grazing for dairy cows on a mixed farm in Northern Germany – Eco-efficient milk production inspired by the Irish rotational grazing system

When: January 18th 2018 18:00 to 19:00 (CET) What to expect: The recent intensification in European dairy production has raised environmental and sustainability questions around the current housed systems. Pasture is considered to be the cheapest forage, however, its role in continental milk production is declining rapidly. The “Eco-efficient pasture-based milk production” project at Kiel University’s research […]

20 December 2017

Individual dairy cow data management at Belgian pilot farm De Hooibeekhoeve

Belgium has an overall milk production of about 3,7 billion liters, produced by 7.300 dairy producers. The production has increased with 10% in 2016 versus 2015. The Belgian dairy sector has a large variation. The northern (Dutch speaking part) is the most important region for milk production. 2/3 of the milk is produced in this […]

15 December 2017

Two dairy farmers reflecting on their wise lessons @IDF2017

Laura Teasdale and Phil Latham received one of our conference grants towards the cost of attending the IDF World Summit in Belfast. Here they share their experiences of the event. There may still be time to apply for a grant to attend the Semex or British Cattle Breeders Conferences in January. Click here to find […]