Dairy cattle welfare assessment: keeping it practical

6 December 2017

During the IDF World dairy summit in Belfast at 1 November 2017 EuroDairy organised a workshop “Dairy cattle welfare assessment: Keeping it practical”

At this workshop successful assessment programs form Sweden, Netherlands and UK were pr4esented and discussed.

Presentation Ask the Cow by Pernilla Olsen and Kjell Sandahl (Sweden), see: Pernilla-Olsson-and-Kjell-Sandahl

Presentation MonitoringAnimal Welfare at Dutch dairy farms by Martin Knol and Gerrit Hegen (Netherlands), see: Gerrit-Hegen-and-Marten-Knol

Presentation Red Tractor Assurance by Jess Sloss and Angela Rhodes (UK), view: Jess-Sloss-and-Angela-Rhodes