Dairy Cattle Welfare Assessment: Keeping it practical (workshop @ IDF2017)

22 September 2017

EuroDairy people are hosting a workshop at the IDF World Dairy Summit in Belfast this November 2017. The 90 minute workshop will be held at 16:00 on Wednesday 1st of November.

To improve animal welfare assessment criteria should not only meet consumers’ demands, but also be feasible at farm level and the outcome should provide dairy farmers possibilities to improve animal welfare. In recent years, a number of industry-led practical on-farm dairy cattle welfare assessment programmes have been rolled out across individual European countries and others are working towards achieving this.  This workshop aims to bring together industry organisations and individuals from across Europe who are interested in dairy cattle welfare assessment to foster co-ordination and exchanging information and experiences.

You will have the opportunity to hear about successful welfare assessment programmes from Sweden (Ask the cow), the Netherlands (Cow compass monitoring welfare) and the UK (RedTractor). A facilitated Q&A panel session will allow delegates the opportunity to:

discuss most practical and effective tools to improve dairy cattle welfare which are feasible at farm level
discuss how programmes can be further improved
share innovative solutions and practices
foster co-ordination and co-operation between countries
identify gaps in knowledge exchange resources

Workshop programme:

Topic Presenters
Welcome and introductions Luc Mirabito (Idele, France)
Improving welfare in Sweden with ‘Ask the cow’


Pernilla Olsson (Växa) &

Kjell Sandahl (dairy farmer)

Welfare monitor: Practical assessment of dairy cows in the Netherlands Gerrit Hegen (Veterinary advisor) & Marten Knol (dairy farmer)
Successful roll-out of welfare outcome measures in the Red Tractor Assurance Dairy Scheme, UK Jess Sloss (Red Tractor) & Angela Rhodes (Dairy farmer)
Panel Q&A chaired by Luc Mirabito

Further information about IDF World Dairy Summit at Belfast and registration can be found at: http://idfwds2017.com/.

Download this academic poster on Poster_Project_DairyCattleWelfareAssesment_Eurodiary-OP-300817).

Further information about EuroDairy Animal care: koops@zuivelnl.org.