Case Studies

24 May 2018

Dealing with Phosphorous the Dutch way (De Klaverhof, Moerdijk)

Regulations to limit national phosphorous production is having a significant impact on Dutch dairy farmers. This was apparent during a visit by the EuroDairy network to the Netherlands in January 2018.   The driver for legislation is to maintain a national derogation, under the EU nitrate directive, to use 210 kg N (instead of 170 kg […]

4 May 2018

Une nouvelle experimentation tournee vers le bas-carbone a la station de Trevarez (in French)

L’agriculture représente 17 % des émissions françaises de gaz à effet de serre (GES) et ¼ de ces émissions provient des élevages bovins laitiers. Bien qu’une partie d’entre elles soit compensée par le stockage de carbone des prairies, l’empreinte carbone de l’élevage laitier reste importante. C’est donc dans l’optique de tester des solutions de réduction des […]

4 May 2018

New low carbon experiment @Trevarez KTC (France)

Agriculture represents ¼ of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions worldwide. In France, 17% of GHG are emitted by agriculture, ¼ of which is generated by dairy cattle farming. Dairy cattle farms, like all cattle farms, can compensate these emissions thanks to soil carbon storage in pastures. However, soil carbon storage cannot contain all GHG emissions, which […]

17 April 2018

Curlew Fields Farm (Yorkshire): high levels of animal health is key to succes

Achieving high levels of performance for productivity and animal health are key to success for EuroDairy Pilot Farmers Roger, Judith and Tom Hildreth. Curlew Fields Farm in Yorkshire, is home to 120 Pedigree Holstein cows which are all year round calved. Producing 10611 litres/cow/year, they average 4.10 per cent fat and 3.21 per cent protein. […]