Case Studies

17 April 2018

Curlew Fields Farm (Yorkshire): high levels of animal health is key to succes

Achieving high levels of performance for productivity and animal health are key to success for EuroDairy Pilot Farmers Roger, Judith and Tom Hildreth. Curlew Fields Farm in Yorkshire, is home to 120 Pedigree Holstein cows which are all year round calved. Producing 10611 litres/cow/year, they average 4.10 per cent fat and 3.21 per cent protein. […]

30 March 2018

Video case study GAEC du Crocomby (France): drive a socio-economic resilient dairy system

Partners of the Pilot Farm “Gaec du Crocomby” present their system and their strengths to build and drive a more socio-economic resilient system. They work on several things these last years, to take advantage of their environment, through technical mastery and collective workforce. The key messages of this case study are: – To adapt your […]

6 February 2018

Selective dry cow therapy – best practice technique

To avoid the use of antimicrobials, good standards of hygiene and attention to detail are essential when drying cows off at the end of lactation. Advised by his veterinary surgeon, the farmer demonstrates in this EuroDairy video, best practice in the use of teat sealants, as an alternative to dry cow antibiotic therapy.

6 February 2018

Selective dry cow therapy – decision making process

The EuroDairy project pursues considered and responsible use of antimicrobials, consistent with high standards of animal health and welfare. Using a case study approach, the thought process and decision making steps involved in selective dry cow therapy are described, the farmer working closely with his veterinary surgeon. This case study is based on a high […]