Develop farm-level solutions and strategies

Dairy farmers within the EU have been exposed to both the positives and the negatives of price volatility since 2007. Further reform of the CAP and the abolition of milk quotas brings further changes, and potentially significant shifts in relative competitiveness between regions. Increased price volatility is bringing greater financial risks which will need to be managed.

Dairy farmers need new tools and strategies inside the farm gate (as well as at policy and market levels), if they are going to manage the effects that extreme volatility can have on the business. The objective of WP 6 is to increase the socio-economic resilience of dairy production systems across diverse regions of the EU. In particular EuroDairy will seek to develop farm-level solutions and strategies to deal with market volatility.

Within the EuroDairy network many activities will be organised on this ‘accelarator of (ex)change’ in the dairy sector. Here an overview of everything you’ve missed so far!

Increasing economic resilience in pasture based dairy systems:
Robus and resilient dairy systems: not available online yet.
Financial management in a highly volatile market. A farmcafe during lunch by Belgian  and Dutch specialists about this topic:
Lean farm management. Another farmcafe on this relevant topic:

Video case study
Fattoria Rossi’s highly valuable short supply chain. This Italian video case study shows the works of Family Rossi in a better price for their dairy products in the region: .