Video case study GAEC du Crocomby (France): drive a socio-economic resilient dairy system

30 March 2018

Partners of the Pilot Farm “Gaec du Crocomby” present their system and their strengths to build and drive a more socio-economic resilient system. They work on several things these last years, to take advantage of their environment, through technical mastery and collective workforce.

The key messages of this case study are:

– To adapt your system to the constraints of your environment
– To reduce costs of production with grazing and manures produced on farm
– To invest gradually
– To take part in the territory strength and to go-ahead with collective projects: grouped purchases for the food and the material (Cuma co-operative), collective biogas plant.


To activate subtitles in English (or other languages) please click the “scroll wheel” in YouTube choosing “subtitles in English”.

Interviews and scenario:

Jean-Philippe GORON, PEP Bovin Lait Rhône-Alpes
Thierry HETREAU, Centre d’élevage de Poisy
Roger PALAZON, Idele (French Livestock Institute)

Captation and video editing:
Philippe BERTE