27 February 2017

Farm visit: Millers Court Farm (Worcestershire)

Last month (January 2017) the network of EuroDairy visited some farms to get a better notion of innovative farming in England, one of them was Millers Court Farm from Ed Newton and his family. This dairy farm is a recently expanded herd in a brand new housing system and milking parlour. The 490 Holstein cows are indoors […]

9 February 2017

Innovation in future dairy housing

What innovations would enhance consumer perceptions of our dairy cow housed environments? This is the central burning question in this little ‘fast drawing’ movie, made in England. It gives a brief insight in consumer needs and perceptions and future R&D-recommendations. Watch the little movie here:  

19 January 2017

UK farmers exchange visit to the Netherlands

From 25th -27th October 2017 a UK group of 10 dairy farmers, 2 staff members of EuroDairy partner AHDB and a researcher of the University of Bristol visited the Netherlands to learn about the Dutch antibiotics policy and how it is implemented at farm level. This knowledge can contribute to the UK implement and antibiotics […]

17 January 2017

Compact feeding webinar

This is the PowerPoint presentation (PPT) used during the online webinar on the topic of ‘compact feeding’ hosted by our Danish network partners on 17-01-2017. Here you can download this presentation (CompactTMR_Webinar_17Jan2017_final). And the live footage (video) from the webinar is here on YouTube:

13 January 2017

Galicia’s first brand of ‘female’ milk

Begoña Pardellas has spent the last 27 years tirelessly breeding and milking cows. Based in Guntín, in the heart of the northwestern region of Galicia, she is one of the thousands of women who are essential to the region’s milk industry but whose work, until now, has gone unseen behind the stable walls. She intends […]