25 August 2017

Pilot farm: Poisy training center France (video)

The EuroDaiy train went to East-France in the Rhône-Alpes region for their 4th partner meeting. With a group of over 50 dairy farmers and professionals they’ve visited some pilot farms around the city of Annecy. They also had a quick talk and tour with dairy farmers and students at Poisy knowledge & training center. Special topics […]

25 August 2017

Pilot farm: Millers Court Farm (video)

In Januar 2017  the EuroDairy network visited some farms to get a better notion of innovative farming in England, one of them was Millers Court Farm from Ed Newton and his family. This dairy farm is a recently expanded herd in a brand new housing system and milking parlour. A flying reporter made this little video capture:  If […]

30 June 2017

Grass check with smart tools in Northern-Ireland

Cutting edge technologies are being deployed on 35 farms across Northern Ireland to expand the scope and coverage of GrassCheck for 2017.  Data collected from these farms will be used to provide farmers with up-to-date information on grass growing conditions and grass quality in their locality to help them make the most of this valuable […]

2 June 2017

Watch Fattoria Rossi’s highly valuable short milk supply chain (video)

Our EuroDairy network is growing. Most European dairy farmers struggle with high volatility and low milk prices. Fattoria Rossi (Italy) walks the dairy chain the other way around. Their reflexive approach starting from the consumer end is highly valuable. EuroDairy made a special video case study around this inspirational example from Italy. Watch the video […]

28 April 2017

Video: exchange visit ‘alternative housing systems’

In April 2017 a delegation of British dairy farmers visited the Netherlands to learn more about alternatieve housing systems and its novelties. Dutch farmers journal ‘Nieuwe Oogst’ made a little movie about this 3-day farm visit. It’s in Dutch, subtitled in English.